5 Different Ways to Use Son & Park Beauty Water

Son & Park Beauty Water Nudie Glow Korean Beauty Australia

Is it a toner? A makeup remover? A cleanser? An exfoliator? The Son & Park Beauty Water is all of them!

I’ve used this cult-status Beauty Water from Son & Park for quite some time now, and have fallen absolutely in love with this product’s ability to multitask. Beauty Water is practically an entire skincare routine in a bottle and can be used in so many different ways and on different parts of the body:

1. As a Makeup Remover

Beauty Water uses micelles (like a micellar water) along with its other cleansing ingredients to break down light makeup and gently sweep impurities off the skin. This is great to use right before working out (because you should never exercise with your makeup on) or after your double cleansing step to ensure every last bit of grime is fully removed from the skin. It can also be used to correct creasing or caking makeup, or clean up smudged mascaras and eyeliner transfers throughout the day.

2. As a pH Balancing Toner

After cleansing, it’s important to follow up with a toner that will re-balance your skin back to its natural pH level. Beauty Water has a pH level of 5, which means that it’s perfect for resetting your skin. It’s also formulated with ingredients like rosewater and orange fruit extract that hydrate the skin and replenish any moisture that may have been stripped away while cleansing. These ingredients and the water’s gentle pH makes Beauty Water suitable to use for all types of skin, including sensitive skin.

3. As a Gentle Exfoliator

Beauty Water is formulated with both willow bark and papaya extracts to gently exfoliate the skin and ensure your skin remains clear of dead skin cells and any impurities. Since it’s a micro-exfoliator, it’s gentle enough to use everyday.

Son and Park Beauty Water Nudie Glow Korean Beauty Australia

A little tip: Douse some Beauty Water on a cotton pad and apply to your skin after you pluck your eyebrows or shave your face to ensure you remove any remaining hair follicles, dead skin, or impurities. You can also do the same thing after you’ve shaved your legs, armpits, or anywhere else you remove hair. This helps prevent ingrown hairs, soothes irritation, while softening and hydrating the skin.

4. As a Face Mist

Need an instant pick-me-up in the middle of the day? Are the dry patches back? All you have to do is pour the Beauty Water into a small spray bottle and carry it wherever you go. When you’re surrounded by pollutants and free radicals, nothing is more refreshing and cooling than spraying on the Beauty Water!

5. As an On-the-Go Cleanser

During busy mornings, I normally forgo my normal water-based cleanser and reach out for this Beauty Water instead to cleanse my face. You can also carry a mini Beauty Water (plus a cotton pad) with you to combat a long day of traveling in the dry airplane air and germ-infested airport, and your skin needs nothing more than a quick cleanse to keep it clear and hydrated!

Like I said earlier, this Beauty Water is basically an entire skincare routine in one bottle. I’ve been reaching for this product day and night, especially when I don’t have the time to do each step in my routine. Totally worth the holy grail status!

Do you have a favorite way to use the Son & Park Beauty Water? Let us know in the comments!

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