5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Care & Beauty Routine Sanitary

Admit it, many of us could probably do better when it comes to keeping our beauty and skin care products clean. While we may be champs at keeping the house free of germs and bacteria, it is ultimately what we put on our bodies that we should take a look at first! Here are some easy tips you can follow to keep your skin care routine sanitary:

1. Wash your hands

This is a pretty obvious one, and should always be done before touching your face. And no, a rinse does not count! It is crucial to wash all surfaces for at least 20 seconds, from your palms to your fingers and the back of your hands.

However, frequent hand washing doesn't mean that your hands have to turn into sandpaper in the process. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you can use a facial cleanser to wash your hands instead of a harsh hand wash! Your facial cleanser will not strip the skin's protective barrier, so it can do its job of being the first line of defence against bacteria. After you're done, you can also apply a moisturiser like the Klairs Supple Preparation All Over Lotion to keep your skin hydrated.

KLAIRS Supple All Over Lotion Nudie Glow Korean Skin Care Australia

2. Don't pick at your skin

Picking at our skin can be a mindless habit, especially when you spot those dry flakes or a pesky pimple appearing! Use a gentle exfoliant, like the RE:P Organic Cotton Treatment Toning Pad, to buff away flaky bits, or slap on a pimple patch to cover any blemishes so you won't touch them.

3. Routinely clean your beauty tools

Whether it's your makeup brushes or jade roller, make sure you're cleaning them at least once a week, and even more so during the cold and flu season! For most makeup tools like brushes and beauty sponges, you can use a dish soap or facial cleanser to cleanse away any makeup, dirt and grime.

As for beauty roller tools, use a soft towel and warm water to wipe the roller head clean after each use, and always dry before storing. Once a week, you can also sanitise your beauty tools by spritzing them with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

4. Toss out expired products

Hanging on to beauty products that are already past their prime isn’t going to do your skin any favours. In fact, it might actually be causing the very problems you’re trying to get rid of! Not only do beauty products lose their potency as they approach and pass expiration, they can also grow harmful bacteria that can cause breakouts or infections.

If the expiration dates are not clearly printed on the container, look for what’s called a Period After Opening (PAO) date. This is a picture of a jar with something like "12M" on it, which means the product should be good for 12 months after opening. 

Here's a quick guide to help you read Korean expiration dates:

Korean expiration dates Nudie glow skin care australia

5. Store your skin care products properly

How we store skin care products directly impacts its effectiveness and safety. Improperly stored products can lose their potency, or even become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria! The rule of thumb is to keep everything in a cool, dry, and dark-ish place away from sunlight exposure. I personally like storing them in the shelves or drawers in my bedroom, instead of the humid bathroom, so I can apply my skin care routine while watching Neflix in bed!

These are all easy habits you can develop that barely takes any time or effort. How many of these habits do you already do?

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