Best of Korean Beauty inside the first Nudie Box

To: Our Biggest Supporters

Subject: Thank you for joining my journey from the start

Hi babe,

Thank you for your tremendous support for the launch of Nudie Glow. I hope you are enjoying your pretty little peach Nudie Box and the amazing face masks inside. I think it’s time for me to go through some of the fabulous masks and brands we offer so other babes can see what Nudie Glow is all about!

Let’s start with the ‘RUBY’ mask by KOELF. Yes, I admit I was biased with this mask as soon as I saw my name on the packaging and decided to include it in the first box, but it is also a great hydrogel mask! The ruby powder keeps skin youthful and Damask rose flower water contains high levels of vitamins to moisturize and clarify skin tone. Unlike the most common type of face masks made of cotton sheets, hydrogel is water in the form of jelly which gives skin exceptional hydration.

The KICHO Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask is a luxurious organic cotton facial mask with an embryonic Soy phyto Nutrient extract. This mask utilizes embryonic phyto nutrients for their softening properties to rejuvenate youthful features, moisturize skin,and produce a radiant, even-toned complexion. One of my favourite brands at the moment! I’m using their full range everyday and I can’t wait to share more of it with you!


The LADY&SKIN Royal Gold Black Bee Propolis Mask is another one of my favourites. Have you ever put gold on your face? Well, this mask contains visible real 24K gold pieces spread over the mask, the pure ions in gold help in stimulating the cells and deliver nutrition deeper inside the skin. It changes your skin to radiate from inside. Unlike the usual white sheet masks, this black sheet is made of black food and bamboo charcoal. Natural nutritious black food ingredients including black bean, black sesame, black berry and hardwood charcoal black sheet adheres closely on your skin so that plenty of moisture and nutrients are delivered efficiently to dry irritated skin. This mask also contains Black Bee Propolis Extract, which is a precious ingredient produced by black bees, inhabiting Provence in France, out of a mixture of saliva and enzyme of bees and substances gained from tree, flower, and grass for their survival and breeding. So, looks like this mask has so much goodness you have to try it!

The THANKYOUFARMER True Water Deep Cotton Mask is a deep hydrating sheet mask filled with full of moist essence that gives moisture intensively into your skin. This mask definitely leaves your skin feeling extremely hydrated!


Lucky last but not least is the LADY&SKIN Blooming White Rose Eye Patch, these lightly packed bio-cellulose eye masks offer intensive nutrition to more sensitive and easily tired eye areas to help brighten and care for the eye zones. 
Bio-cellulose is an environmentally-friendly material made of fermented natural coconut water. It gives no skin stimulation so is safe to use on sensitive skin. Its dense mesh structure allows close adherence to the skin and effective delivery of ingredients. They are also capable of holding at least 10 times more essence ingredients than cotton masks.

I hope you like my first curation, because these are seriously some of my personal favourite masks and I use them daily! I've had some really positive feedbacks from customers so far, hence I've also decided to keep some of these masks in our November box since we've had a late start in October. If you have any feedbacks in regards to these masks, please let me know!








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