How to Spot Fake K-Beauty Products

How to Spot Fake Korean Beauty Products Nudie Glow Blog Australia

The counterfeit market isn't limited to just Kylie Jenner Lip Kits and M.A.C eyeshadows anymore.

Much to our dismay, knockoff or fake Korean beauty products have been on the rise. Spotting fake K-beauty isn’t easy, especially when most of our K-beauty shopping is done online, so I’ve come up with some tips to help you make sure that you aren’t putting your hard-earned money on fake K-Beauty products!

1. Look for trusted, reputable sellers
This is by far the most important tip when shopping for any K-Beauty product. Whenever you are shopping online, especially on Amazon or eBay, always read reviews and make sure the seller is an authorised seller, or a reputable one (in a good way, of course)! As extra precautions, you can also do a quick Google search to check other customers’ experiences with the seller, and make sure that they’ve never been linked to any fake products!

2. Check, check, check!
Counterfeit products will often have mismatched fonts, misspelled words, or inconsistent patterns or colours, so make sure to cross-check the item you have with the one on the brand's official website. However, don’t be alarmed if it is different though, as some K-beauty products go through frequent rebrandings, and brands like COSRX do change their packaging quite frequently.

One other biggest giveaway for a fake product is also its texture and scent. Most of the time, the fake will have a completely different consistency and smell than the genuine product. If you suspect that a product is fake, check the reviews online and see what bloggers have said about the texture, colour or scent, and make sure it’s similar to the one you have. Fake products also don’t always have batch codes and manufacturing dates, so look out for these little details on the packaging.

3. Is the deal too good to be true?
There’s a saying that if it’s too good to be true… then it probably is. Trust me, you’re never going to find a full size Laneige Water Sleeping Mask for $20. In general, dirt-cheap prices is a dead giveaway to identifying a product as fake. While we all want to score a good deal, the risk of getting an allergic reaction and possibly endangering your own health to save a few dollars is just not worth it.

You have to also remember that when you use a product and it breaks you out or cause an allergic reaction, this does not necessarily mean that it is fake. More than likely, your skin is just allergic or sensitive to a particular ingredient. So before you use any product, double check the packaging and make sure you’ve bought from a reputable seller, and you’re good to go!

Have you ever bought a fake K-beauty product? What are your best tips for spotting fake Korean beauty products? Share your experiences with us below!

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