Are Mini Beauty Fridges Worth It? Should You Refrigerate Skin Care Products?

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The real question is: Why not?

Even before the whole mini fridge trend went viral, the practice of keeping skin care in the fridge has been done by a lot of beauty enthusiasts to prolong the shelf-life of volatile products like Vitamin C serums. Other than that, refrigerating your skin care also helps ward off bacteria, increases the cooling and de-puffing benefits of products, AND makes you feel like an influencer. ;)

If you're still wondering which of your fave products could benefit from a little TLC in the fridge (and which ones should steer clear), here's a little guide to help you:

1. Anything with Active Ingredients: Cooler temperatures will keep active/ unstable ingredients like Vitamin C or Retinol from oxidising and losing its effectiveness.

2. Organic Skin Care: Organic skin care like Sioris and Whamisa's products are better kept in the fridge to avoid sunlight exposure, and prevent mold from growing.

3. Sheet Masks/ Eye Masks/ Face Mist: Who doesn't looooove a chilled eye mask? While it's not a must to keep them in the fridge, the extra cooling effect of these products can help with de-puffing and soothing the skin!

3. DIY Skin Care: Because DIY skin care are made without preservatives, keeping them in the fridge can help prolong their shelf life.

5. Probiotics (example: Lactobacillus, Bifidabacterium): Keeping skin care with probiotics in the fridge will keep the “good” bacteria in these products healthy.

6. Facial Tools: Chilled facial rollers and Gua Shas can help boost its cooling and de-puffing effects on the skin! Mini fridge + beauty roller = best duo ever.

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Here are some products we advice NOT storing in the fridge (unless advised so by the individual brands themselves): 

1. Clay Masks: They'll turn too hard, and you might need a mini shovel to dig through them!

2. Oil-based Products: Refrigerating oil-based products like serums can cause the oil and water ingredients in the product to separate, rendering them useless!

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