The Best Sheet Mask for Every Skin Type

Our Nudie Glow founder Ruby discovered the wonders of Korean beauty when she first visited Korea, and decided on sheet masks as the first product she’ll bring home to Australia. For good reasons, too, because sheet masks have proven themselves to be cult favourites in the skincare world because of its affordability and effectiveness. But of course, the market is booming and it can be difficult to pick a sheet mask for your skin type, so here’s a few pointers from us!

If you have dry skin

Nudie Glow Korean Beauty Australia Koelf Ruby Hydrogel Face Mask

Dry skin people, meet your new best friend – Hydrogel masks. Hydrogel is simply water in the form of jelly, and when made to a mask and put on your skin, gives maximum hydration to the wearer. And what a coincidence it's named after our founder!

If you have oily skin

Nudie Glow korean beauty australia best moisurizing sheet mask Polatam

Here is a sheet mask that will hydrate oily skin without weighing it down, thanks to to its unique light and watery texture. The mask’s star ingredient, oak tree sap essence (Quercus Acutissima Sap) contains the tree’s self-recovering and purifying properties. It is also listed as the product’s second ingredient, which means it is the second most abundant ingredient next to water. Polatam’s Water Gel masks are also made of quality Cupra sheets, which are softer and gentler on the skin than cotton sheets used in most masks. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

If you have combination skin
lady and skin nudie glow korean beauty australia

It can be tough looking for products that meet the demands of combination skin (oily skin with dry patches), but this mask is perfect for all skin types. With ten different botanical oils, including lavender, carrot and rosemary, this mask nourishes the skin from inside out. It also contains ceramide to strengthen the skin against pollution and sun damage, making it a great all-rounder sheet mask.


If you have sensitive skin:

Nudie Glow Korean Beauty Australia Kicho sheet mask

Ever felt apprehensive about trying out a new product in case it unleashes the red rashes and irritation that comes with sensitive skin? I feel your struggles! As someone with sensitive skin, I am always on the lookout for products with gentle formulations and natural, plant-based ingredients, and this luxurious Kicho mask checked off all the boxes for me. It makes use of grapefruit and soybean extracts for a radiant, even-toned complexion, and is gentle enough for daily use!

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