The Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Beauty Rollers & Gua Sha

These traditional Chinese medicine tools have made their way to beauty shelves and vanities all over the world. Not only do they feel cooling and soothing on the skin, facial tools like face rollers and Gua Sha have also been known to help de-puff and promote the all-important lymphatic drainage. But as everyone is rolling their way to glowing skin, these questions can come to mind: Should I be washing these tools? And... OMG where do I store them?!

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Here's your FAQs, answered!

How to clean your beauty roller / Gua Sha tool:

After and before each use, we recommend using a soft microfiber cloth to wipe the roller or gua sha tool clean to prevent the spreading of any bacteria onto your skin. For a deeper cleanse, you can also dampen the cloth with soapy water (water + your cleanser) before wiping the tools.

You can dry the rollers and gua sha using another dry cloth, or simply let it air dry. If you find your roller making squeaky sounds after a wash, just add a few drops of oil to the sides of the roller head.

Where to store your beauty roller:

Your roller and gua sha is made with 100% natural stones and is very, very fragile. Make sure to treat it with care and avoid dropping them, which may damage the stone.

Like most of your beauty products, we recommend storing your rollers and gua sha somewhere dry. For an added cooling effect, they can also be kept in the fridge. Make sure to pop it in a clean plastic bag, if you're not using a dedicated mini fridge already. We don't want a jade roller that smells like last night's guac!

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If you're a frequent traveller, you can also bring these beauty tools to your trips. Simply wrap them up in a clean, dry face cloth to protect it, or pop it back in the box that came with the roller.  

How do YOU clean and care for your beauty rollers? Share your tips with us!

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