This Internet-Famous K-Beauty Toner Immediately Calms Redness & Irritation!

If you're on TikTok, Instagram or the internet in general, then you've likely seen all of the buzz around K-Beauty brand Anua. You might have heard about their cleansing oil, which removes blackheads and whiteheads like literal magic. Another viral product on everyone's radar right now is the Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner (psst, it just so happens to be on sale at Nudie Glow right now too!)

Starring a high concentration of Heartleaf Extract that's grown and harvested in Korea, this ingredient is anti-inflammatory (a.k.a. it calms breakouts, redness, and irritation) and antibacterial, meaning it can help shield your skin from acne-causing bacteria. Heartleaf Extract also aids in balancing oil production, making it ideal for those with oily, combination or sensitive skin types. As is true of many essences and toners, Anua's formula also preps skin for ensuing serums and moisturisers by improving product absorption and amplifying hydration. 

So what exactly is the internet saying about Anua's 77% Heartleaf Soothing Toner?

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@mariii_chaa calls the toner "one of my favourite products that helped me clear my skin." The content creator adds, "This toner has an immediate soothing effect while also helping with bumpy skin, acne, and redness. The consistency is super gentle, watery, and like lightweight. I use it every day in the morning and night. This product was such a hit for me."

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Licensed esthetician @shaielexis rates Anua's toner a 100/10 in her review of products from the K-beauty brand. She says, "This really helped with my overall redness, and it's super hydrating and soothing. I totally understand why this is the No.1 toner in Korea and on Amazon. It really is that good."

YouTuber @inspiroue did a deep dive and tried all of Anua's viral products for over a month, and picked this toner as one of her holy grails! In terms of visible results, she says, "I saw that I had less redness in my skin and less inflammation from using this toner."

If you aren't already incorporating a toner into your regimen, note that you should apply it after your cleanser in both your morning and evening routines. Because this formula includes soothing, non-irritating ingredients, don't hesitate to pat it on your skin every day. The brand recommends using a cotton pad or your fingers to apply the product.

For a soothing, hydrating, redness-quelling solution that can seamlessly incorporate into any existing skincare routine, shop the Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner now at Nudie Glow!

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