Thank You Farmer

ThankyouFARMER is the resource of K-Beauty

  • Botanical, Healthy & Balanced
  • The Most Balanced Skin Care Product able to be curated because of its scientific story background of development
  • Using natural ingredients without any skin stimulation formulated by world class production technology & expertise in order to provide the most balanced skin management
  • World-class Production Facility & Product Development Capability with over 30 years Korean cosmetic experiences


Farmer is the most honest. thankyouFARMER willstay with you with long-term satisfaction,rather than instant


thankyouFARMER’s promise is not about miracle, neither magic.
thankyouFARMER’s honest promise is about being beautiful in slow, little and natural without giving any burden to your skin.


thankyouFARMER try to make cosmetics with the heart of a farmer in order to provide natural cosmetics with the balanced ingredients from the nature.


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