We all love receiving packages on our doorstep, extra points if they’re nicely wrapped, looks cute and (most importantly) Instagram post-worthy. But what happens to all that colourful plastic wrappers and confetti when the flash has gone off, the picture posted and the initial excitement subsides? Quite often, all that fancy schmancy is immediately disposed of. Yes, all you're left with is a ton of rubbish that does nothing but take up space in your recycling bin.

How to Reduce Packaging Waste While Shopping Online

(Photo: Instagram.com/patmcgrathreal)

While companies have the responsibility to make things right, customers can also play an important role in making sure that we don't contribute to more garbage. Here are three very simple and easy ways you can reduce waste while shopping online:

1. Buy in Bulk
Instead of getting only one cleanser, a toner and two pimple patches to qualify for free shipping, buy your skin care in bulk to help reduce waste. This will eliminate the need for more packaging, and the postie won’t be burning petrol twice to deliver your products either!

2. Upcycle Skin Care Containers
There’s sooo many things you can do with an empty toner bottle or a jar of finished moisturiser. If they’re small enough, you can re-use them to hold other skin care products during your travels, or even repurpose them as cute candle holders. If you’ve got a green thumb, most of your empty skin care jars or bottles can also be used as vases or planting pots (we especially love the Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine to hold succulents)!

3. Repurpose the Box

Other than a simple storage box, there are many ways you can get creative with the cardboard box most companies use to send their products in. From intricate wall decors to mini drawers, Pinterest is filled with many step-by-step tutorials on how you can repurpose a simple cardboard box into something useful. Oh, you can even make a DIY luxurious cat house with it (Don’t trust us? Google it.).