Australia's first Innisfree store just opened in Melbourne Central! Who's excited?! *pops confetti*

If you notice Melburnians' complexions looking more glow-y than usual, perhaps that’s because they’ve slathered on serums and face masks from K-Beauty haven Innisfree, which just moved into town!

Innisfree Store in Melbourne Australia

Photo: @innisfreeaustralia

Innisfree is a natural beauty brand conceived out of a deep respect for the gifts of nature in Jeju island. Created with the purest, natural ingredients from Jeju, such as green tea, orchid and volcanic ash, Innisfree is committed to promoting green life and being eco-friendly, while bringing the best beauty solutions nature has to offer.

Innisfree Store in Melbourne Australia

We are so excited for the store to be opening right in the heart of Melbourne, and products include their best-selling pore-clearing Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and the highly hydrating Green Tea serum that has our skin glowing just thinking about it! With its large range, there is definitely a skincare range for whatever your skin needs, whether it's sensitive, acne-prone, or combination.

Other than skin care, the store also offers makeup, and it includes all the usual suspects: BB cushions, lipstick, mascaras, brow pencils, liners, eyeshadows... you name it. There’s also a magnetised palette that you can customise with individual eye and cheek products. If you're overwhelmed with all the options, check out our top 5 Innisfree skin care recommendations!

Have you visited the new Innisfree store? What did you think about it?