J.One has revealed a new Jelly Pack - The Red Jelly Pack. While the original J. One Jelly Pack has gained a reputation for being the holy grail of all primers, will the new Red Jelly Pack live up to its cult-status predecessors?

J.One Red Jelly Pack at Nudie Glow Best Korean Beauty Skin Care Store Australia

What sets the Red Jelly Pack apart from the two previous Jelly Pack is its ingredients list. First of all, the Red Jelly Pack gets its beautiful rosy hue from its raspberry, hibiscus and papaya extracts content. Niacinamide is also present to brighten and even out your skin tone, and Cyanocobalamin (a form of vitamin B12) is also known to help aid in cell reproduction and reduce skin inflammation. However, the main star of the formula is astaxanthin (also known as “Sea Ruby”), a red algae known to be the strongest antioxidant found in nature — 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C!
The high antioxidant content means that your skin will be well protected against the free radicals that leads to premature signs of ageing, and also help keep your makeup from oxidising, making it a superior primer that does more than grip your makeup in place.
In terms of texture, the Red Pack has a jam-like texture that's surprisingly very easy to blend! I find that it's also not as sticky as the two original Jelly Packs. Plus, I appreciate the fruity scent that makes applying this primer such a pleasant experience.
In terms of its ability as a makeup primer, I find the Red Jelly Pack performs as well as the OG Jelly Pack. It holds my makeup in place, and has never made it look cake-y or patchy. Similar to the original Jelly Pack, I've also found that on my lazy days where I have skipped applying any moisturiser, toner or essence (not recommended, but just for the purpose of this review), my skin never got dry or dehydrated.
However, while the two originals focused on lifting and firming the skin, the Red Pack is more about protecting your skin and giving it that youthful, rosy glow. And boy does it make your skin glow! Immediately after applying the primer, I can see that my skin looked brighter and noticeably plumper, my pores appeared smaller and I had that healthy, rosy glow that could only be achieved by the world's best blusher, or in this case, the J.One Red Jelly Pack.
So, does the new Jelly Pack live up to its hype, its claims and high-achieving forerunners? Without any doubt, yes, yes, yes.