I’ve never had much great experiences with toners. Some would dry out my skin, others wouldn’t make a difference, and some would even break me out. However, after countless disappointing experiences, I found KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner, and I think it’s safe to say: I’ve finally found the one.

KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner Review Nudie Glow Best Korean Beauty Store Australia

This toner has a pretty impressive list of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts like aloe, centella asiatica and althaea rosea flower to do way more than just removing impurities on the skin: They help reduce inflammation, hydrate, soothe, and protect, even sensitive skin.
The KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner has a slightly thicker-than-water consistency, but it absorbs very quickly to the skin. I use my hands to apply a generous amount to my face and pat it in. I will sometimes apply up to three layers of toner if my skin feels particularly dry, and there will still be no problem layering other products over it. In fact, the subsequent creams or serums that I use afterwards seem to work more effectively.

Immediately after usage, my face feels cleaner and fresher, and just within a week or so of daily use, my skin feels and looks smoother–There were fewer bumps and “rough” patches on my skin. Because my skin was more hydrated, and the toner helped the subsequent products sink in, my face was also softer and plumper. My pores are tighter, my breakouts and acne scars have been clearing up much faster, and my skin is looking brighter and more glow-y too!
Looks like I’ve found a HG-status toner!

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