Sometimes, a toner is just a toner. But in the case of the Son & Park Beauty Water, this product is so much more than just a toner.

Son and Park Beauty Water at Nudie Glow Korean Beauty Australia

Beauty Water comes in a 340ml (and a mini 60ml travel-friendly size) frosted plastic bottle. I love the minimalist and simple design of the bottle, which makes it easy to bring around during my travels, or to stow away in the gym bag for a quick midday refresher.
A look at the US FDA-compliant ingredients list shows that the Beauty Water is predominantly made of water, roseflower water, orange peel extract, and witch hazel water mixed with many other plant-based extracts and oils. This combination allows it to be more than just a toner or micellar water. Rose Water provides intense hydration for your skin, while Willow Bark and Papaya Extracts are natural exfoliators. Beauty Water also has a pH of 4.5, effectively resetting the skin’s natural pH after cleansing.
How to Use
Pour desired amount onto a cotton pad and gently sweep across the face. Beauty Water is ideal to be used: As a toner before applying the rest of your skin care products, OR to remove remaining impurities after cleansing OR as a way to freshen up your face during the day.

Son and Park Beauty Water at Nudie Glow Best Korean Beauty Australia

Texture & Scent
The Beauty Water basically feels just like water, with a mild scent of orange fruit. The watery consistency makes it easy to apply and spread across your entire face. 
I love to use the Beauty Water in the morning to create the perfect canvas for my makeup application, midday as a refresher, and night after cleansing to whisk away remaining impurities. For me, this Beauty Water is a wonderful way to start my morning and end my day. I always find my skin hydrated and smoother after application. It is also a wonderful addition to your pre or post gym workout routine!

You can get this amazing Son & Park Beauty Water (and other favourite K-Beauty products) in Australia at Nudie Glow!