what to do and not do when you have dry skin

Dry skin can be caused by a lot of different factors. Have you been worsening the problem without even knowing it?

Dry, flaky skin does not look flattering on anyone. There’s a lot that can contribute to dryness, even small little things you might not have gave much thought about! That’s why it’s important to draw the line between what’s beneficial and detrimental for dry skin.

The Don’ts

Clay Masks:
For oily skin, clay masks are great for decongesting the pores and absorbing excess oil. However, they can worsen dryness because they are so effective at drawing oil out of the skin. For dry skin, stick to hydrating sheet masks instead.

Long, Hot (or Cold) Showers:
Both excessively hot and cold water will irritate and dry out the skin even further. Lukewarm water is the ideal temperature to cleanse your skin with.

While it may not seem like a big deal to rub your skin with a towel after cleansing, this will actually further dry out your skin and cause redness and stinging. Instead, just gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel or a tissue paper.


The Do’s


Dry skin is caused by a lack of oil, therefore it makes perfect sense that you use products that will hydrate the skin. For example, the Huxley Oil; Light and More and its star ingredient, Cactus Seed Oil, is a nourishing and highly moisturising oil that’s perfect for dry skin.

However, while moisturising is crucial to improving your skin, overdoing it can also cause an entirely new set of issues such as clogged pores and breakouts. Make sure the products you are using have oils that are non-comedogenic (in other words, non pore-clogging) to avoid this.

Use Gentle Cleansers:
A good cleanser does not have to leave your skin “squeaky clean”. When your skin is already dry, stripping it even further is not the way to go. Choose a low-pH cleanser like the SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, and any products that have little to no chemicals, fragrance, or other irritants.

Exfoliation is the key to smoother skin and removing flaky skin. Generally, exfoliating dry skin two to three times a week is enough to improve your skin’s condition without hindering your progress towards healthier skin.

Strengthen the Barrier Function:
A healthy skin barrier can retain moisture and protects the skin from bacteria. However, once weakened, your skin will often be dry, sensitive, red or even irritated. It will also feel thin and wrinkle easily if the barrier is compromised. To counteract this, use moisturizers like COSRX Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream and Huxley Cream; Fresh and More. Ceramides that are present in these creams are also present in the barrier function to strengthen the skin’s defences. They will hydrate, plump, firm and protect the skin from any damage.

Caring for dry skin is actually not as difficult as it is made out to be. As long as you consistently adhere to these dry skin do’s and don’ts, you’ll definitely see significant improvements in your skin over time!

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