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Korean beauty is famous for a lot of things – BB cushions, essences, and of course, sheet masks!

Sheet masks in general are a great way to hydrate, brighten and give your skin that extra healthy glow. Here are some tips and tricks you can follow to get the most out of these little home facials:

1. When do I use it?

The general rule is to use a sheet mask after double cleansing, toning and exfoliating. However, you can also use it immediately after you cleanse your face… in the shower! It is believed that due to the heat of the shower steam, your pores can “open up” and be more receptive to the mask and its essences. Don’t worry about keeping the sheet mask on your face at all times, because hydrogel masks like Whamisa Organic Flowers Hydrogel Mask clings to your face like a dream!

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2. Longer is not better

If you leave a sheet mask on for too long, it will actually start sucking moisture out from your skin! Generally, 20 minutes should be the maximum amount of time you use them – enough to deliver the skin-loving ingredients, but before the mask starts to dry out. Also, remember to never sleep with a sheet mask on (that’s what sleeping masks are for). While it might seem like the best way to hydrate your skin, you’ll actually wake up with paper-dry skin!

3. Make use of the excess essence

Once you’ve finished using your mask on your face, there’s a high chance that there’s still some remaining essence left. To make the most of this remaining essence, fold the mask in half and wrap it around your neck. Alternatively, you can also place it around the heel of your foot. This mini-foot spa can help get rid of calluses and ensure that you are really using your sheet mask from head to toe.

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Another way to make the most of that excess essence is to turn it into a new sheet mask. If you have a lot of essence left, pour it into a zip bag and throw in a few cotton pads. Seal up the bag and keep it in the fridge overnight. By the next morning, the cotton will absorb the remaining essence, and you can leave them on your face for extra hydration.

4. What comes after matters

Post-sheet mask, you should apply your eye cream and top that off with an occlusive moisturizer, which will help “seal in” the benefits of your sheet mask.

All in all, sheet masks are a great way to boost and simplify your skincare routine. Find one that you love and use it once, or twice a week (or even more) to keep your skin looking its best!


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