Beauty Insider Secrets From Korean Beauty Gurus

Where better to get skincare advice than from Korean beauty gurus themselves? These advices are guaranteed to improve the quality of your skin with simple, inexpensive methods that we can use every day. Take cues from these Korean ladies to achieve flawless, translucent skin, just like theirs!

  • Take your makeup off as soon as you get home
      Nudie Glow Blog Korean Beauty Soko glam founder
      image via Elle

      “Women in Korea are definitely more adamant about washing their faces as soon as they get home so they can start their night time skin regime. They think of it as a session for pampering themselves which I think every women should start to adopt. You want to let your skin breathe and help your pores be clean from all the congested dirt and makeup. Simply getting into the mindset of taking off your make-up as soon as you get home will drastically help any woman's problem skin.” - Charlotte Cho, founder of Korean beauty retail giant Soko Glam

      • Make your own acne-fighting toner with 3 natural ingredients
        Nudie Glow Korean Beauty Blog Chriselle Lim beauty secrets

           image via The Chriselle Factor

          “I actually learnt this tip from my dermatologist, who told me that many women cured their acne by making an apple cider vinegar toner. The acidity in apple cider vinegar is great at breaking down all that gunk built up in our pores. All you need to do is to fill half a jar with water and the other half with apple cider vinegar. This is optional, but I also love adding lemon to my toner as it has many skin-enriching benefits. Shake up the mixture and there you have it!” - Chriselle Lim, Korean fashion and beauty expert

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          • Massage works wonders!

          Nudie Glow Beauty Blog beauty tips Serina Hwang

          “Korean women LOVE to massage their faces. The simple act of massaging your face can get rid of wrinkles, slim down your face. This is because massage helps to stimulate the muscles in your face, promoting better lymph movement and blood circulation. There’s no need to buy expensive gadgets, a spoon from your kitchen makes a great massage tool!” - Serina Hwang, Korean beauty YouTuber

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