Facial Roller VS. Gua Sha - What’s the Difference?

Rose Quartz Face Roller Gua Sha Set Nudie Glow Australia

You’ve probably seen them somewhere on the internet, but what exactly do they do?!

We recently added two new facial tools to our collection, the Rose Quartz Roller and Rose Quartz Gua Sha! While they may pop up on your Instagram feed only recently, these tools have actually been a staple in Chinese skin care routines since the 7th century. Other than the belief that the stones used in these tools have healing and protective properties, using face rollers and gua sha tools are also known to help boost blood circulation, encourage skin cell rejuvenation, reduce swelling, tension or stress, and allowing for deeper penetration of skin care products.

You'll also see the word "lymphatic drainage" mentioned a lot when searching around for these facial massaging tools. Basically, lymphatic drainage is the flushing of bacteria and toxins from your system. Fewer toxins = brighter, healthier, youthful-looking skin! It is believed that most skin issues can be rooted back to a stagnant lymphatic flow. When they are not flushed out properly, these bacteria and toxins can cause little infections in the skin that are painful and take a long time to heal (think cystic acne or acne scars, among other things). The rolling or massaging motions of these face rollers or gua sha can then help soothe the potential infection, and stimulate the system to really get moving.

So what's the difference between facial rollers and Gua Sha?

Facial rollers, like the common jade or rose quartz rollers, are pretty straightforward and simple. They are generally a more soothing treatment, and helps quickly stimulate blood flow and drain puffiness. Gua sha, on the other hand, works a lot deeper and can be much more powerful when used correctly. It helps release muscle tension in a way that jade rollers can’t, and can make more of a difference when working with deep-set wrinkles or deeper cystic conditions.

Rose Quartz Face Roller Nudie Glow Australia

So bottom line is, these tools works very similarly, but you can see more results with Gua Sha. However, learning how to use them properly do take time, so a facial roller can be a better option for sensitive skin or acne-prone skin that's looking for a quick, soothing treatment, and don’t have the time or will to commit to a Gua Sha ritual!

So what's your pick? Do you like facial rollers more, or is gua sha your go-to?

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