The Perfect K-Beauty Product for Your Favourite Disney Princess

Are you as obsessed with Disney Princesses as much as we are at Nudie Glow? Whether it be Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Aladdin, or Cinderella, the heroines of these tales touched the hearts of many around the world. So, we thought that it would be fun to match some of your favourite Disney Princesses to their perfect Korean skin care product! Keep on reading to discover new K-Beauty items and to find out what is most suitable for each Princess!


Dreamer, Open-Minded, Caring.

An idealist escapist, Princess Belle always has her nose in a good book. She would much rather live in the confines of her imagination than the reality of her own life, as she desires a more fulfilling life than the one she seems to be stuck in. Belle cares deeply of her loved ones, offering her own freedom to save her father. Moreover, she is also non-judgmental as she learns to love the Beast for who he is on the inside, rather than his monstrous exterior.

Disney Princess Belle iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum Nudie Glow Korean Skin Care Australia

K-BEAUTY PRODUCT: IUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum

There is no doubt that the Korean skin care product for Belle would be Iunik’s Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum! Bees are known for their vicious sting yet, like Belle who sees pass the Beast’s animalistic appearance, Iunik enlightens us that bees also have loving attributes as they produce a skin nourishing ingredient called Propolis! Propolis is antibacterial and anti inflammatory, making it great for acne-prone and sensitive skin types. With such amazing benefits, Iunik has formulated this serum with 70% propolis! Additionally, they’ve also included 12% Sea Buckthorn which is rich in Vitamin C to brighten the skin, Rose Flower Water to moisturise, and Niacinamide to fight wrinkles, firm pores and even out skin tone! Thus, Belle would love this serum for its ability to soothe and brighten aggravated complexions and souls!

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Giving, Kind-hearted, Hopeful

Did you know that Cinderella’s shoe size was four and a half?! No wonder nobody else could fit the glass slipper! Cinderella is probably the most kind-hearted Disney Princess. Despite being surrounded by a toxic, emotionally abusive step-family, Cinderella perseveres with optimism and affection. But, as well as being an admirable attribute, her benevolence is also her fatal flaw as it leads her to be taken advantage of. As we know, Cinderella spends most of her time taking care of others, sacrificing her own happiness to do so.

Disney Princess Cinderella Sioris Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser Nudie Glow Korean Skin Care Nudie Glow Australia

K-BEAUTY PRODUCT: SIORIS Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser

For a gentle soul that cleans all day, Cinderella deserves a gentle cleanser! Sioris’ Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser is a low-pH cleanser that effectively removes dirt and impurities whilst maintaining optimal moisture balance. It is 100% natural, with all ingredients being sourced and harvested in peak season. Formulated with 61% organic green plum water, macadamia seed oil and plant-based surfactants, this hydrating cleanser will thoroughly nourish, hydrate and protect your skin against free radical damage. Similar to Cinderella who is amiable to everyone, this Milk Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, especially those with dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin!


Opinionated, Intelligent, Adventurous.

I think we can all agree that Jasmine is the Princess of sass. Although she is kind, Jasmine is an intelligent, witty royal that you do not want to cross. If you wrong her, she will not hesitate to bluntly express her own opinions. She also loves to have fun and thoroughly enjoys exploring new things as she doesn’t like to stay stagnant for very long. Unlike some of the Disney Princesses that may take on a more passive role in leadership, Jasmine cares deeply for her kingdom and actively rules alongside her father. And, despite her quick-witted fiery side, she is compassionate towards her people as she earnestly volunteers in schools and hospitals. 

Huxley Oil Light and More Nudie Glow Korean Skin Care Australia


If there was ever a K-beauty product for Jasmine it would be Huxley’s Oil ; Light and More! As its star ingredient is Organic Sahara Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil, this Korean favourite reminisces Jasmine’s dichotomous personality of sass and compassion seamlessly. Akin to Jasmine, a cactus can seem rather “prickly” on the outside however, dig a little deeper, and you will find a deeply nourishing skin loving oil that is antioxidant enriched, anti-aging, and non-comedogenic. In addition, coinciding to Jasmine’s dynamic leadership, this lightweight oil is versatile and can be used on face, lips and hair, giving you an all over natural glow!


Compassionate, Elegant, Pragmatic.

With certainty, Elsa is the coolest Princess of Disney! Not only is she regal and poised, Elsa possesses the ultimate magical ability of conjuring and manipulating ice and snow! Yet, it was her supernatural prowess that led her to be isolated and grief stricken. She is extremely caring, choosing the safety of others over her own freedom. She presumed that by desolating herself, she would protect her loved ones from the dangers of her chilling capabilities. Sadly, people slowly molded her into a cold-hearted ice queen and, it was only until she “let it go”, liberating her personality, that she fully embraced her capabilities, realising that her powers can be used to protect rather than harm! 

Disney Princess Elsa COSRX Cooling Aqua Facial Mist Nudie Glow Korean Skin Care Australia

K-BEAUTY PRODUCT: COSRX Cooling Aqua Facial Mist

Come on, could we have chosen a more perfect K-beauty item for Elsa? Coinciding with Elsa’s magical powers, COSRX has created a hydrating mist that also cools, refreshes and purifies your skin! It is formulated with an ultra soothing complex involving: Madecassoside, guaiazulene, aloe and centella leaf water! So, if your skin is irritated and sensitised, like Elsa, don’t “hold it back anymore”, calm and chill your complexion with COSRX’s Cooling Aqua Facial Mist!

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Romantic, Kind, Shy.

Guarded by her Aunts, Aurora is seen to be a naive, carefree Princess that is a hopeless romantic. She is a playful being who is friendly to everyone including woodland creatures! Aurora also often has her head in the clouds, thinking of wonderful things like meeting a Prince!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Nudie Glow Korean Skin Care Australia

K-BEAUTY PRODUCT: LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask (Berry)

To ensure that Aurora’s lips are soft and plump for her “true love’s kiss”, Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask is perfect for this Princess, particularly the berry flavour! This is the cult favourite leave-on lip mask that intensely moisturises for smoother, more hydrated lips! What makes it so special, is that it is made with Moisture Wrap™, which is a special technology that creates a mineral network of Beta-Glucans to lock in hydration and keep lips moisturised up to 8 hours! It’s formula also includes Laneige’s anti-oxidant enriched Berry Mix Complex™, Vitamin C and Shea Butter! Thus, with this sleeping mask, Aurora would be more than ready to be awoken by Prince Phillip!

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