How do Koreans achieve perfect, luminous skin?

If you’ve ever gone on a Korean drama marathon, you’ve probably caught yourself admiring the actress' glowing, near-perfect complexion. Skin so smooth and pore-less, it seems to radiate from the inside. There isn't a hint of acne scarring to be found, and blackheads and sun spots seem to have taken up residence elsewhere. How do Koreans avoid the very skincare woes that trouble the rest of us? Here are some tips I found after some investigative research.

  1. Koreans eat more healthily

The Korean diet contains very few oily, fried, and processed foods. Meat is expensive in Korea, so they mainly eat vegetables, tofu, grains, etc. Koreans also consume less dairy products (which are shown to disrupt hormone levels) by swapping coffee and milkshakes for a cup of antioxidant-rich tea.  Also, foreign agricultural products are heavily tariffed, so people mainly eat locally-grown produce. With all kinds of healthy, skin-nourishing foods in their systems, it's no wonder Koreans seem to glow from the inside. 

  1. Koreans take skincare very seriously

The Koreans’ love for skincare hovers on the brink of obsession; they wash their skin with two different cleansers before applying 2-4 different lotions and essences afterwards. They also use face masks, sleeping packs and a host of other skincare products. It may sound obsessive this method has obviously shown results! 

  1. Koreans go to the dermatologist all the time

Unlike Australia and other western countries, facial treatments are cheap and accessible in Korea. Korean women go for facials and dermatologist consultations multiple times each month, ensuring their skin is always in tip-top condition.

  1. Koreans wear sunscreen even on a dark, rainy day

Koreans avoid the sun like the plague. They wear hats, cover their eyes with huge sunnies and stay indoors as much as possible. Many Koreans will even close the blinds and turn on lights during the day to avoid the sunlight. It’s a huge jump from Aussie’s beach-loving culture, but avoiding the sun’s rays has long been proven to prevent skin damage, darkening of acne scars, etc.

  1. Koreans keep makeup minimal

The whole caked-on-matte-foundation look hasn’t yet caught on in Korea, and neither has the blingin’ highlighter trend the rest of the world is oh so crazy about. Koreans prefer natural-looking makeup, using only lightweight BB creams, cream blushes and lip tints to enhance their features. By avoiding heavy makeup, they allow their skin to ‘breathe’ and be free of clogged pores and blackheads. This is one tip I know I’ll be following!

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