What's In Your Mask? Pearl

nudie glow korean beauty australia benefits of pearl in sheet maskLittle did you know, Pearl is great for treating our skin. Aside from being a great source of minerals, Pearls are highly rich of amino acids as well, which is essential for our cells and helps our body’s healing process.


Pearl that is used in beauty products are usually in the form of powder. First, the Pearls are collected and disinfected. Then, the sterile Pearls are grinded until they become smooth powder. Since thousands of years ago, Pearl Powder has been China’s beauty secret. Now the secret is out and pearl powder can be found in many skin care products. Including face masks!

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What are the benefits of Pearl?

The three main benefits of Pearl are healing, brightening, and anti-aging. If you are experiencing redness, blemishes, acne, or sunburnt skin, Pearl Powder calms and soothes your skin. Pearl Powder can also increase the skin’s elasticity as well, which means that it is good for anti-aging and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. As for brightening, studies in China have proven that pure Pearl Powder helps the activity of an antioxidant enzyme called superoxide dismutase. This enzyme makes your skin brighter as it eliminates pigmentation. If you have dark patches or discolored skin, Pearl Powder can reduce their appearance.


Here are some Pearl masks that you should try!

Get rid of that dull skin by using this mask. Contains pearl extract that will brighten your skin and gives it elasticity.

What’s unique about this mask is that it is separated into two parts. One for the upper part of your face and another for the lower part. This mask deeply nourishes and brightens your skin. Contains silk protein, caviar, and pearl powder.

Increase your skin’s elasticity and get rid of dry patches simultaneously by using this mask. Contains shea butter and pearl powder.


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