The Best Skin Care Products to Pack When Travelling

How to Pack Skincare Products for Travel Korean Beauty Nudie Glow Blog Australia

Going away for the holidays? We’ve got some simple and easy skincare packing tips you can follow!

Travel season is here, and packing your skincare products does not have to be a hassle. Here are some of our best tips on how to pack for each skin care category, so you can return home from your trip refreshed and glowing, both inside and out:

1.) Cleanser

Hands down, the best cleanser to bring during your travel is a stick cleanser like the Neogen Green Tea Cleansing Stick. This low pH cleanser is easy to use (and carry around everywhere), and will be the perfect second step of your double cleanse. If you have light or no make up on, you can always skip the oil cleanser too!

For makeup removal, you can now bring our top-selling Heimish All Clean Balm in sample size 5ml for convenience.

Neogen Green Tea Cleansing Stick Nudie Glow Best Korean Beauty Store Australia

Another way to simplify your double cleansing routine into one product is with the J.One Jelly Cleanser. This cleanser is a low-pH, makeup melting cleansing gel that effectively deep-cleanses and remove impurities from the skin. Perfect for the jet setters!

2.) Exfoliator

If you’re someone who can’t live without exfoliating at least twice a week, consider packing two or three Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon in a Ziploc bag. They can also be used on your body to get rid of dry, flaky patches on your elbows and feet.

3.) Toner

When you travel, opting for multi-tasking products like the Son & Park Beauty Water is a smart choice. Not like any other ordinary toner, this particular product cleanses, moisturises and light exfoliates your skin. And the best part? There’s also a mini 60ml version you can carry with you in the plane!

Son & Park Beauty Water Nudie Glow Best Korean Beauty Store Australia

4.) Face Oil/ Essences

Can’t live without your bulky facial oil or essence? These normally hard-to-pack products are now made travel-friendly with the Huxley Oil & Essence Mini Sample Set. Huxley’s antioxidant-rich ingredients is also the perfect companion for travelling, protecting your skin against any environmental stressors.

5.) Sheet Mask

It’s easy to get lazy with your routine when you’re travelling, but the temperature, water or even lifestyle changes can take a toll on your skin. Make sure to slap on your favourite sheet mask at least once during your trip to help revitalise your skin. They’re also a handy travel companion to fight the dry cabin air during your flight.

KLAVUU White Pearlsation Pearl Serum Mask Nudie Glow Best Korean Beauty Store Australia

Klavuu's Pearl Serum Mask is perfect for combating dull, tired skin!

6.) Vitamin C

Vitamin C products are probably one of the hardest to pack. They’re normally contained in a fragile glass container, and can be quite a pain to carry around. The Wish Formula I’m Pro Ampoule Pad solves this problem by being a super concentrated Vitamin-C soaked ampoule pad packed in a single-use travel-friendly packet. Now who says you can’t have brighter, clearer skin on-the-go?

7.) Hydrating Gel

Even if you don’t normally use hydrating gels, you should still consider packing one for your travels. Consider this: Your skin will be extra dry from flying and constantly travelling on sardine-packed trains and buses. You also never know if you’re going to get a sunburn, especially if you’re always outdoors. Pump some of the COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence into a small squeezable bottle and apply a thin layer as an emergency fix.

8.) Moisturiser & Eye Cream

Depending on where you’re going, you may decide to bring a heavier moisturiser. Scoop some into a small container or a contact lens case. Don’t forget your eye cream too, since your eyes will be especially prone to puffiness and dark circles from jet lag.

9.) Sunscreen

For SPF, you may decide to bring the whole bottle or transfer some into a smaller container. Either way, make sure to pack an ample amount, and reapply throughout the day. For double the protection (because you can never have too many), make sure your BB Cushion also has SPF in them!

10.) Sleeping Pack

Travelling can be tiring, so you’ll be thankful to have a sleeping mask to look forward to at the end of the day. The J.One Black Jelly Pack is well-known in the K-beauty world, and is great for moisturising and repairing dull complexion. The cult-status Jelly Pack also comes in a travel-friendly mask version, the J.One Jelly Pack Luminous Mask, which is perfect for a night in, or a long-haul flight.

Do you have a favourite skin care product for travel? I’d love to see your picks in the comments!

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