8 Simple Beauty Skincare Resolutions You Should Be Making For Better Skin in 2018

New year, new me!

Whether you vowed to exercise four times a week or eat more healthily, resolutions can quickly become hard to stick with, and are often abandoned by the end of the month. Instead of overwhelming, life-sacrificing changes, why not just do these simple beauty tweaks that are easy to maintain?

Resolution #1: I will quit picking at my face

It's hard to resist, I know. But picking, popping, or touching blemishes on your face can cause infection and creates additional problems, including more breakouts and even scarring. This year, cover blemishes with an acne patch like COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch to speed healing and ease the urge to pick at them.

Resolution #2: I will remove my makeup EVERY NIGHT

No matter how tired you are, resolve to properly double cleanse your face before you go to sleep every single night (no cheating!). Your skin will thank you in the long run.

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Klairs's Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil, the perfect first-step for your double cleansing routine.

Resolution #3: I will drink more water

Are you drinking the recommended amount of water per day? If the answer’s no, now’s your time to change that. Dehydration can not only take its toll on your body, but it can cause your skin to appear dull and less plump.

Resolution #4: I will use sunscreen 365 days a year

One of the most important daily skincare habits to adopt is wearing sunscreen, regardless of the weather. Not only does sunscreen prevent skin cancer, but it also helps prevent premature wrinkles, textured skin, as well as unwanted hyperpigmentation.

Resolution #5: I will start incorporating antioxidants in my routine

Out of the many skincare products and serums out there, it’s critical to use a serum or essence with antioxidants, day and night. Think of this as your daily multi-vitamin. Antioxidant rich serums or ampoules like the Huxley Oil Essence; Essence-Like, Oil-Like help to neutralize these free radicals and protect your skin’s youthfulness over time.

Resolution #6: I will declutter my beauty products

Does your makeup and skincare drawer look like a war zone? Same. This year, make it a goal to clean up and organize your beauty products. Toss out any expired beauty products, or if it has a funky smell and has changed color. It doesn’t matter how expensive it was, your skin is way more important.

Resolution #7: I will give my skin a weekly deep cleanse

Just like your apartment, your skin needs a deeper clean that goes beyond the surface. Treat your skin to a charcoal mask each week to get rid of dirt and congestion that builds up deep within your pores that could have caused breakouts and excess oil.

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Neogen's Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser effectively draws out excess sebum, blackheads, dead skin cells and even makeup on the surface of the skin and inside your pores.

Resolution #8 (AND THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!) : I will start respecting my skin

Whether it’s pampering your skin with weekly sheet mask sessions or moisturising your skin every night, learn how to respect and love the skin you are in. Overdoing on drying, acne-targeting products and blackhead-combating actives will causes a downward spiral of dehydrated skin that over-produces oil in order to compensate. In Korea, what’s considered to be sufficiently moisturised and healthy skin has a consistency similar to that of rice cakes or jello – soft, supple and bouncy. If you run a finger over your face and it feels like paper, it’s a sign to get a moisturiser, or change to a formula that is thicker.

We hope these tips help you to kick start a healthy 2018-worthy skincare routine! Do you have any other New Year's Resolutions related to skincare and beauty? Share them below! 

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