This $45 Korean Eye Cream is a Great Dupe for La Mer's $315 Eye Cream!

Another day, another amazing dupe discovery! Today, we'll be talking all about eye creams, an important yet easily overlooked step in your skin care routine.

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most fragile area of the face, easily susceptible to stress, wrinkles, and irritation. This is why specially designed creams are so important to fight concerns around the delicate eye area, while preventing future damage before it begins.

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La Mer's The Eye Concentrate is definitely one of the creme of the crop of eye creams. This luxurious product promises to deliver smoother, brighter and healthier skin, while reducing the look of dark circles and lines in just 21 daysThe only thing that might keep you from clicking “add to cart”? A 15ml bottle alone will set you back by $315!

Thankfully, we've discovered a product that’s pretty similar, and costs a whole lot less: the Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream, which is only $45 for 30ml!


Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream Nudie Glow Australia Korean Skin Care La Mer Eye Concentrate Dupe


The Similarities

Like the La Mer Eye Concentrate, fermented seaweed extract is the main attraction of the Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream. The detoxifying and restorative powers of seaweed helps soothe, hydrate, minimise fine lines, promote collagen production, and boost skin radiance.

Both these luxurious eye creams also have a very lightweight, refreshing scent that reminds you of the sea, and come with cooling applicators specifically designed to help gently massage the product to your skin.

The Differences

In addition to the fermented seaweed, the Heimish eye cream contains peptides and plant stem cell extracts to lock in moisture, protect the skin’s natural barrier and boost its anti-wrinkle effects, while the La Mer Eye Concentrate contains Clarity Ferment to restore and revitalise skin, and Lime Tea Concentrate to help defend against environmental damage. 

The Heimish eye cream also has a more green-ish hue, and a thicker texture than La Mer's, so it feels more nourishing and moisturising on the skin. It is also worth mentioning that Heimish is a cruelty-free brand, as compared to La Mer, which is not!

Now the most major point of different: price. If you’re wondering why the La Mer eye cream is so expensive, we have one idea. La Mer follows a very specific process to pick, harvest and ferment its seaweed. Twice a year, the team hand-harvested these giant kelps called Macrosystis Pyrifera, sourced from the Canada's Pacific Coast at the time it is most nutrient rich. It is then transported to the lab within 24 hours to begin the fermentation process. From there, the kelp is combined with other specific natural nutrient-rich ingredients. Each batch is fermented for three to four months, enhanced by sound and light energies in order to create the now-famous Miracle Broth!

So while these two products aren’t carbon copies of one another, the Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream is definitely a worthy alternative if you’re not ready to splurge on the La Mer eye cream. It’s also a great product to incorporate into your routine if you’re interested in seeing what wonders eye creams can do for your skin!

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