This Crystal Eye Mask Is the Fanciest Way to Relax & De-Puff Your Eye Bags

If a silk eye mask and crystal roller had a baby...

The Crystal Eye Mask is the newest addition to our beauty tools collection for the ultimate self-care and spa experience in your own home! Here's why this tool is not just eye candy to have on your nightstand:

1. It helps soothe skin, de-puff and reduce your eye bags

These crystal eye masks are naturally cooling so they will assist with lymphatic drainagecalming redness and irritation, brightening dark circles, and increasing blood flow for less puffinessEspecially if you're using it while laying down, it’s easier for fluid retention to drain via the lymph nodes, thanks to the positioning of the stones across the face.

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2. It's a stress and tension reliever 

If you frequently suffer from migraines, this cooling eye mask will be a welcome relief whenever a headache strikes. Afterwards, you can also flip it upside down and lay it over your jaw or sinuses to relieve any tension.

3. It's like a weighted blanket to help you sleep

While it’s not skull-crushingly heavy, the weight of the Crystal Eye Mask is hefty enough to help you relax your head and neck, making it perfect for meditation and yoga. Not only that, similar to how a weighted blanket works to ease anxiety, the sheer weight of something over your eyes will also definitely help you drift off to sleep far easier! 

Would you try this Crystal Eye Mask in your self-care routine?

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