This is Why You Keep Getting Reccurent Pimples in the Same Spot

If there's anything more annoying than acne, its recurring acne—aka breakouts that seem to keep popping up in the same. damn. place. Keep reading to find out the possible causes of these stubborn pimples, and how you can get rid of them for good!

It could be cystic acne

Recurring acne can appear in many forms (e.g. comedonal acne, inflammatory acne), but cystic acne is usually the main culprit. Cysts are large pimples lodged deep under the skin, and as they fill up, they become inflamed. However, after the inflammation has calmed down, the sac still remains, which can easily become inflamed again. These zits never come to a head, take weeks or months to go away, and have a knack for showing up in the same spot, over and over again.

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Cystic acne can be the hardest form of acne to treat, and trying to pick, squeeze or forcibly remove them can cause the spots to flare up again. Instead, look for spot treatments that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid to treat them at the first sign of inflammation!

Your pores are blocked

When your skin's sebum meets with dirt and dead skin cells, it can lead to blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores and cysts. Regular exfoliation can help prevent this, and thus, the appearance of repeated breakouts. If you have oily skin, you can also consider incorporating a salicylic acid treatment or cleanser like COSRX's Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser to help control excess oil.


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Your dirty habits might be to blame

If you’re constantly touching your face or popping pimples you're not supposed to, you’re basically welcoming zits to your face! Dirty fingers can transfer bacteria and oil to your skin, which can be causing those annoying zits to pop up in the same vicinity.

If you’re super prone to touching or picking your face, try using the Pyunkang Yul Acne Spot Patch Super Thin. These super thin hydrocolloid patches are like almost-invisible Band-Aids to help protect any existing acne on your face from further inflammation, while absorbing all the nasty gunk.

Your zits are period-induced

If your recurrent zits are period-related, they're likely to show up by the lower cheeks, chin, jawline and neck, and will pop up during that time of the month. These are due to androgen activation of sebaceous glands, and the best way to treat them is with a professional. Instead of playing doctor, consult your derm for help with treating hormonal acne. They can help determine whether cortisone injections or internal treatments (like birth control, Accutane, or spironolactone) would be your best option!

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