This NEW Beauty Roller Will Firm, Sculpt and Contour Your Skin!

✨ New year, new roller! ✨ Roll away the day's stress and firm your skin with our new Y-Shaped Sculpting Roller!

What it is

Different from a normal roller or gua sha tool, the Y-Shaped Sculpting Roller is designed with two massaging roller balls to grip your facial muscles without even having to apply pressure. This double-headed roller is like a more intense workout, capable of working more of the skin at once, to release tension and sculpt your face!

What it does

Can't find the time to pencil in an appointment with your facialist? The Y-Shaped Sculpting Roller is intended to mimic the effects of a professional deep-kneading facial massage to relax, de-puff and revive your skin for a healthier and glowing complexion.

It has the same benefits as your usual crystal roller (e.g. assists in lymphatic drainage, feels soothing on the skin). Plus, the design of this tool also allows it to hug every curve and contour of your face to help sculpt and firm your skin, lift the eyebrows, and even carve out cheekbones!

If you are a believer in the power of crystals, this roller features rose quartz massaging balls. Not only naturally cooling, rose quartz is also known as the "love stone", believed to bring unconditional love, inner peace, joy & positive energy.

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How to use it

After applying your skin care products, gently roll the Y-Shaped Sculpting Roller over your skin in an outward and upwards direction along the contours of your face. You can do this just 5-10 minutes daily!

TIP: Pop one in a fridge (or your own Mini Beauty Fridge) to enhance its cooling and tightening benefits!

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