Why You Should Start Using Sleeping Packs

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You may have heard that a good night sleep is one of the ways to get clear skin, and no, this is not a myth! One of the causes of having bad skin condition is due to lack of good, proper sleep. Getting a good night sleep can really improve your skin condition. Poor sleep increases the hormone cortisone, which leads to stress and inflammation in the body. Skin problems such as acne and psoriasis appears when inflammation occurs. Our hydration process becomes rebalanced during a good night sleep as well. This is why we tend to get eye bags and dry skin after waking up from a poor sleep. Poor sleep also decreases the elasticity of our skin, which increases the chance of getting wrinkles. 

But we’ve all experienced that feeling when you just want to go straight to bed after a long day. Clear skin is priority, but what if you’re just too tired to do your step-by-step skincare routine? Or when it’s one of those nights where you can only get 4 hours of sleep? This is where sleeping packs come in handy.

nudie glow korean beauty australia kicho sleeping mask pack best skincare tips

Sleeping well is really important. On days where we have hectic schedule, the best way to end the day is to apply a sleeping pack and go to bed.” said Tiffany Hwang of K-pop group Girls’ Generation. Sleeping packs (a.k.a sleeping masks) are convenient and effective. They are basically face masks that you can use overnight. The application is really simple: you apply it on your clean face, leave it as you sleep, and rinse it off in the morning. Don’t worry that it will get messy because it won’t! All you need is a small amount and massage it into your face. 

Sleeping packs help hydrating your skin at times where you can only get short hours of sleep. It is formulated to keep your skin moisturised longer than a moisturiser or night cream. When you’re too tired or lazy to do a skincare routine that requires moisturiser, night cream, and serum, use a sleeping pack instead so you can go to bed straight away. Your face will feel moisturised and nourished in the morning.

nudie glow korean beauty australia kicho sleeping mask pack best skincare tips

One of our favorite sleeping packs is the Camellia Sleeping Pack by Kicho. This mask suits all skin types, especially dry skin. Camellia Oil, the main ingredient, is known as a great skin moisturiser and can easily be absorbed into the skin. This sleeping pack also contains antioxidant rich ingredients that will make your skin radiant. Plus, it comes with a super smooth brush too! Besides for applying the mask, the brush can also be used for massaging your face. It was also recently featured in Elle magazine! Purchase it now and use it for your beauty sleep!

nudie glow korean beauty australia kicho sleeping mask pack featured in Elle magazine

nudie glow korean beauty australia kicho sleeping mask pack

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