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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! You are probably all waiting for that rose. Not only that it’s a beautiful flower, Rose is actually good for your skin as well. In fact, the ancient Greeks and Romans bathed with rose petals to improve their skin and mood. You can still bath with rose petals, of course. But nowadays, isn’t it easier to just use Rose infused face masks?

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The type of Roses that are most often used in the beauty industry are rosa damascena (damask rose) and rosa centifola (cabbage rose). Batches of Rose petals go through a distillation process so their oil and water can be obtained.  Rose oil is produced through a steam distillation process, while Rose water is obtained through a rather more intricate method. The finished product can then be used as ingredients for beauty and skincare products. 

Why should we use Rose infused face masks?

Both Rose oil and Rose water have similar benefits that are perfect for acne prone skin. Their emollient properties help hydrate the skin, while their antibacterial properties fight acne. Rose is known as an excellent solution for inflammation. If you’re experiencing acne, blemish, and other types of skin imperfections, use Rose infused face masks to soothe and tone the skin. Rose is rich of vitamin C as well. Especially during summer, Rose face masks can help recover your skin from sunburn.

Here are our favourite Rose infused face masks from Nudie Glow:

1. Blooming White Rose Eye Patch by Lady&SkinNudie Glow Korean Beauty Australia Lady and skin eye mask

Did you know that the skin around our eyes loses water more easily? Say goodbye to puffy eyes by using this gentle Rose under-eye patch by Lady&Skin. Contains Rosa Canina Flower Oil.


2. Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Hydro Gel Mask by Koelfnudie glow korean beauty australia koelf ruby rose hydrogel mask

Hydrogel masks are so good for dry skin. And even better when it contains Rosa Damascena Flower Water!


       nudie glow korean beauty australia polatam face mask

Get that healthy glow by using this super soft, super nourishing mask! This mask contains  Rosa Centifolia Flower Water and helps reduce skin irritations.



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