Why You Should Use A Skin Care Fridge

Beauty fridges are the new #shelfie. They're cute, Instagram-friendly and a great way to show off your prized skin care collection. But do you really need it? Well, it depends on what you decide to store in there!

Beauty fridges can extend the shelf lives of some skin care products

Some skin care products have relatively short shelf lives, and keeping them in the fridge will keep them fresher for longer. Ingredients that fall under the "short shelf life" category include vitamin C, retinol, probiotics and even "natural"/ "organic" products that lack preservatives.

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They can also boost the effects of skin care products with cooling/ soothing benefits

Unless specified on the package, skin care products generally don’t need refrigeration — but keeping them cool could boost their soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory benefits. We recommend storing your cucumber face masks, aloe vera gels, eye creams, beauty rollers and gua sha tools in the fridge to help better tackle puffiness and redness!

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Beauty fridges doesn't only cool your products, they can also warm them up too!

Yes, that means you can use the beauty fridge to heat towels, and keep your coffee or lunch warm! If you own a black obsidian facial roller or gua sha tool, you can also pop it in the fridge with the warm setting on for a couple minutes. This stone naturally retains warmth, making it great for use on congested and blemish prone skin.

The benefits don't just stop at skin care...

Did we tell you that mini fridges are also great for storing other non-skin care related items? Other than food and medicines, new mummas can also use a mini fridge to store breast milk in the bedroom or nursery.

What will you be keeping in your Mini Fridge? Share with us!

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