Ever wondered why Korean cosmetics and skincare products are so popular not just in Korea, but even in Australia and the rest of the world? Well, Korean beauty is so much more than just BB cushions, sheet masks and the 10-steps skincare routine. Here are some of the reasons that make K-Beauty so popular and unique:

1.) Korean Beauty Constantly Innovates

Koreans are some of the most demanding beauty consumers in the world, and this keeps Korean beauty companies constantly on their toes and at the forefront of the beauty game. In fact, Marie Claire estimated Korean beauty to be about 12 years ahead in the global industry. Well, where else can you get snail mucus and bee venom in your skincare products other than K-beauty, right?

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2.) Korean Beauty is Affordable

The fierce competition between beauty brands keeps Korean beauty products affordable and cheap, without ever having to sacrifice quality. It doesn’t hurt that Korean beauty products have the cutest packaging too!

3.) Korean Beauty and Gentle Formulations

Why are Korean beauty products better for your skin? It’s because they are all about natural ingredients that are gentle and suitable for all skin types, including oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin. Korean beauty products tend to avoid harsh chemicals Western beauty companies prefer, and instead, turn to nature to source for milder ingredients.

4.) Korean Beauty is No One-Size-Fits-All

When it comes to Western beauty, we are frequently told to buy products according to how “old” or “mature” our skin is, but that’s an oversimplification. Every person’s skin is unique and will react differently to different ingredients and formulas, regardless of our age. This is why the Korean beauty approach to skincare and beauty is all about analyzing your individual skin type and determining what your skin needs.

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5.) The Korean Beauty Philosophy

Korean beauty isn’t just about the products you use. In Korea, men and women go to great lengths to protect and nurture their skin. Whether they use umbrellas to shield themselves from harmful UV rays (even after applying SPF50++++), or drink antioxidant tea to prevent premature aging (even after using the J.One Hana Cream), Koreans recognize that skincare is a holistic practice that goes beyond choosing the right products.