7 Beauty Resolutions Every Girl Should Make In 2017


1. Make sunscreen an essential part of your regimen

    If you’re going to have only one beauty resolution this year, it should be to wear sunscreen every day. It may sound extreme at first, but wearing sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and keeps your skin looking young and radiant long after your peers start developing wrinkles!


    2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

    We’re not just talking about your face here; in fact, we’re often so focused on our faces that we often neglect the skin on our bodies. You may think that lathering up your loofah with body wash is sufficient, but that probably isn’t enough to shed off dead skin cells. Show your body the same love as your face by using body scrubs every week, and follow up with a hydrating body lotion, preferably made with natural ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil.

    If you want to try a new way of exfoliating, give these Wish Formula peeling pads a try! They are pre-soaked Facial Peel designed to work as Professional Spa Program (Facial Peel + Vitamin Treatment). Over time, these exfoliants can help to brighten dull complexions and dark spots, increase cell turnover, and remove dead surface skin cells that contribute to dullness and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid locks moisture into the skin, making this ideal for even dry skin types. It is also recommended for sensitive skin, as the pads work to calm redness and irritation and clear imperfections resulting in a healthy, glowing & brightened complexion.


    3. Start drinking lemon water

    You should already be drinking a healthy amount of water each day, but adding lemons to your water takes the health and beauty benefits to the next level. Other than being chock-full of vitamin C, lemon water is highly alkaline and will help bring the usually acidic pH level of our bodies down to a healthy level, and that means clear skin, improved digestion and overall health.

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    4. Take off your makeup every night

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but so important to the health of your skin that we just had to mention it. No matter how tired you are, resolve to properly cleanse your face before you go to bed, no exceptions! The longer makeup stays on your face, the more it will start to mix with the sebum and oils deep inside your pores, resulting in gross bumpy skin, whiteheads and pimples. Not quite what you want to call in the new year.  


    5. Get back to yoga

    We here at the Nudie Glow team are firm yoga lovers, and once you’ve seen how quickly it brings out positive changes to your skin and health, you will be too. Yoga aids digestion, boosts blood circulation, stretches out tense muscles, relieves body aches, all while giving your muscles a workout. And best of all: no cardio is involved!


    6. Carve out time for an evening pamper routine

    This year, set aside twenty minutes each day for your own evening pamper routine. Women need to nurture themselves emotionally and physically to look and feel their best, so don’t feel guilty for taking the time to pamper yourself with a little TLC. This might be a simple grooming routine before going to bed: putting on a sheet mask, lighting a candle, reading your new favourite book, or anything that puts you into a state of calm relaxation. This will prep you for a good night’s sleep and give your skin a healthy, well-rested glow for the next day. 

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    7. Treat your skin to a sheet mask every week

    Take your skincare routine to the next level by using face masks, which are essentially cotton or hydrogel sheets drenched with skin-loving essences. I love how there’s a sheet mask for every season: use True Water Deep Cotton Mask to treat your skin to extra hydration during the winter months, and Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack to repair your skin from environmental damage (a.k.a The Sun) during the summer. See which mask is best for your skin type here! If you really can't find the time to use sheet masks, you can use a sleeping mask - that's right, a mask that improves your skin health by 40 times while you sleep!

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