9 Tips On How To Succeed At Working From Home

Working from home, or WFH, might be a privilege that only some can take, but it’s also an important measure right now to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This also means that those who have been working in an office space for the longest time are now adjusting to a new way of life. Depending on the person, WFH can feel like bliss, or the abyss: You are free, but also really lonely, and sometimes wearing pajamas until 5 p.m.

Being part of a small, dynamic startup like Nudie Glow means our team members are pretty qualified (self-proclaimed) experts on dealing with working from home arrangements. Here, we share some easy tips you can follow to make WFH work for you:

1. Redecorate your work space

Now is a good time to start reorganising and redecorating your workspace, whether it be a dedicated office room or a small designated corner of your bedroom, wherever you can get the most work done! Try to choose one with natural lighting, a good chair, and add a few atmosphere-enhancing goods like air purifiers, plants, diffusers, floral arrangements or even candles to elevate your mood for a healthier and more productive workflow.

2. Get out of your PJs

You don’t need to dress as formally as you might for work, but the simple act of changing clothes can serve as a signal to your brain that it’s time to wake up and get things done. It'll help you get in the right headspace for work, and also allow you to take video calls on the fly!

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Other than drinking enough H2O, make sure you're not ignoring your skin at this time too! Keep a facial mist near you, preferably on your work desk, to give yourself a quick refreshing pick-me-up for when you need it. We love the Heimish Bulgarian Rose Mist, which is made with 88% Bulgarian rose water to balance, detoxify and deeply hydrate your skin.

4. Eat real meals

The work-from-home vortex can mean coming to at 3 p.m. and realising you never ate lunch, so you grab a quick granola bar and call it a day. Don't short-change yourself during breaks, especially your lunch hour. That bowl of pasta and 15-minutes away from your laptop are necessary for both your sustenance and sanity!

5. Stay connected

Loneliness, disconnect, and isolation are common problems people face in a remote work life, especially if you’re an extrovert, or used to a bustling office. Make sure to stay in touch with people throughout the day. Chat with colleagues, share ideas, send funny memes, schedule virtual meetings, and frequently check in with each other. This will make you feel less lonely, and will also make you feel more like you're an important part of the company you're working for.

6. Get the mundane, admin stuffs done in the morning

Our bodies have built-in clocks that determine the best times for us to exercise, eat, sleep and work, so try listening to your body clock as much as you can. For instance, if like most people, you do better creative work at night, try to put creative tasks off during the day and schedule more admin/ mundane tasks for your mornings.

7. Do some stretching

Exercising has been proven to naturally boost endorphins, which increases happiness, enjoyment, and interest levels, which are all important for productivity. If you don't have time to do a quick workout, at a minimum, stretch throughout the day so you don’t get sore!

8. Get sheet-faced

You might not be able to go to the office's break room for a quick coffee any longer, but taking small breaks is still necessary so you don't drive yourself into a pit of misery. One way you can do this at home is by sheet-masking!

9. Follow a schedule. Know when to stop working.

When you live in your office, it’s very easy to overwork. So log off your work email when you’re supposed to, and resist the urge to come back to your work computer after dinner. Treat working from home like you would an office, so give yourself a start time, lunch break, and ending time so that your work doesn’t creep into the late hours of the day.

Above all else, figure out what works best for you. Everyone works differently, and will adapt to a work from home environment in very different ways. Share with us some other work from home tips you may have!

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